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Small businesses are the backbone of the economy. Without them, our city and many others across the nation wouldn’t be able to exist. That’s why Balancing Act takes such great pride in helping our fellow small business owners succeed.

Mary Jo Watson
Mary Jo Watson, CPA
President of Balancing Act
Intuit QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor Online
Catherine H

Mary Jo has been a lifesaver for our businesses! She is incredibly helpful and gives you exactly what information you need to get Quickbooks sorted out on your own. She has been invaluable for getting our businesses back on track and very reasonably priced!

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Lowell A.

I just got off the phone with Mary Jo. She got back to me fast when I left a message explaining my LLC situation. She was very friendly and did not feel intimidated by my limited knowledge about state taxes etc. She offered valuable advice on how to move forward with my LLC.

Gain efficiencies the smart way.

Most small businesses simply can’t afford to hire on an accountant to do the work of a bookkeeper—there’s just too much to do and it would consume too much time and money. But unless you’re familiar with accounting, you won’t be able to perform the tasks yourself. And even if you could, it’s not best use of your time. Balancing Act fills this void by becoming an integral yet outsourced member of your team who brings a host of valuable skills to help your business thrive. We’ll make sure your records are maintained properly, help improve your bottom time, and can even keep you out of trouble with Uncle Sam.

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Balancing Act Services for Established Businesses

We realize that your needs are unique. Established businesses have different needs than start-ups or larger companies that have their own Accounting Department. You may already have a number of systems and processes in place and just need someone to help you run a tighter ship. Whatever your situation, Balancing Act can help. We offer a wide array of solutions that can help lead you down the best and most profitable path, including:

Balancing Act can keep your books and your business running smoothly.

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