Working well with others is our strong suit.

We sincerely enjoy helping our clients succeed. It’s a great source of pride to serve our clients in a wide variety of industry sectors.We hold a special place in our hearts for start-ups and established small businesses, and have a number of clients that fit the following profile:

Nothing pleases us more than to work with entrepreneurs and play an active role in their business growth. We accomplish this by working as much or as little as we’re needed, while providing the best return on investment. With over 30 years of experience in the accounting field and as a business owner herself, Mary Jo Watson runs Balancing Act the way she believes will serve her clients best: collaboratively and always in their best interest. While she can leverage her experience and apply it to many situations, she recognizes and appreciates that each client is unique and requires a different mix of services.


Start-up companies rely on Balancing Act to provide a full range of accounting, bookkeeping, tax help and related business consulting services that offer high value without high cost.

Small Businesses

Established small businesses count on Balancing Act to improve or maintain what they already have in place, while proactively identifying opportunities for growth.

CPAs & Other Professionals

Professional services firms and individual advisors such as CPAs, bankers and attorneys confidently refer Balancing Act to their start-up and small business clients because they know they’ll be in good hands.

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